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Parent Orientation for New School Year / Orientacion de Padres del Nuevo Ano Escolar

Burton Technology Academy suggests that all parents attend our Parent Orientation for the new school year. This parent orientation will be grade level specific and will focus on the important information that all parents need to know for their child's grade in preparation for the new school year.

Burton Technology Academy sugiere a todos los padres asistir a la Primera Orientacion de padres pare el nuevo ano escolar. Esta orientacion de padres sera especifica para cada grado y la informacion que es importante que padres deben saber para el grado de su estudiante y el ano por venir.

Principal's Town Hall Meeting / Junta Abierta con el Principal

The Principal's Town Hall Meeting is open to all parent's to attend. Parent's will meet with the principal and discuss various agenda items related to Burton Technology Academy and it's community members.

La junta abierta con el Principal esta abierta a todos los padres de Burton Tech. Esta sera un oportunidad para padres de reunirse con el principal y repasar asuntos relacionados al escuela y comunidad de Burton Tech.

Welcome Back Scorpions!

The beginning of the 2015-2016 year is here! All new and returning Scorpions, welcome to this new school year. We hope that you have an excellent and successful school year. All the teachers and staff at Burton Tech are available to support you in all you may need to be successful. Don't be afraid to reach out. Good luck to all!

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